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I’m a Wisconsin high school Spanish teacher from California, I’ve taught K-12 over the past 12 years, and our WL Department is excited to offer the UW-Green Bay Dual Enrollment Program to our Spanish V students. I’ve also taught at The Concordia Language Villages and as a Global Discovery Leader for CIEE in Sevilla, España.

I’ve attended CSUSBUW-MadisonUW-Stout, and La Universidad de Sevilla. I have a BS in Spanish, a MS in Education, and A LOT more useful knowledge from workshops, amazing colleagues, and social media superstars. I was selected as a Wisconsin State Teacher of the Year in 2017, which has created just as much stress as joy, because I fear that many expect TOY perfection that I just can't maintain.

My favorite teaching methods include providing comprehensible input using TPRS while riding a unicycle, target language karaoke and class dance-offs, skits using a variety of wigs, and drawing sweet dry-erase cartoons to increase comprehension.

The Vlog

Although I’m always providing buckets of CI for language acquisition, I’m also bound to a grammar-based curriculum. That means you’ll find a little bit of everything on this site.

If you want to know why I do what I do, please read this post and consider joining our movement: '10 Reasons Why I Share Classroom Videos.'

Do you have a revolutionary activity that you want us to demonstrate for professional development and SLA? We'll try anything once, so let us know!

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