We’ve all played 2 Truths & 1 Lie with our classes before, but here is a great way to keep score and motivate comprehension.

1. Students write 3 sentences. two are true and one is false. The must note which is the lie, because some of our lovebugs will change the answer as they jump from opponent to opponent.
2. Give each student 5 popsicle sticks. These represent their points.
3. Students form pairs. You can let them mingle around the room, create two concentric circles, or use their clock partners.
4. One partner reads their sentences and the other guesses the lie.
5. If a student guesses correctly, he/she may take one stick from the person who couldn’t fool them. If they cannot guess the lie, they must give a stick to the partner who fooled them.
6. Let the activity continue until you feel they have had enough practice and, but end it before they are uninterested.
7. If a student runs out of sticks, give them a loan and subtract it from their end total.
8. The students with the most sticks at the end wins the game.

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