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We’ve all played 2 Truths & 1 Lie with our classes before, but here is a great way to keep score and motivate comprehension.

2 Truths & A Lie
1. Teacher models writing and guessing with students. 

2. Students write 3 sentences. Two are true and one is false. These sentences can be personal facts, information from special person interviews, main ideas from Señor Wooly stories, based on One Word Image characters, song lyrics, or even retells of student-created stories

3. Give each student 5 popsicle sticks. These represent their points.

4. Students form pairs. You can let them mingle around the room, create two concentric circles, or use their clock partners.

5.  One partner reads their sentences and the other guesses the lie. 5. If a student guesses correctly, he/she may take one stick from the person who couldn’t fool them. If they cannot guess the lie, they must give a stick to the partner who fooled them.

6. Let the activity continue until you feel they have had enough practice, but end it before they are uninterested.

7. If a student runs out of sticks, give them a loan and subtract it from their end total.

8. The students with the most sticks at the end win the game.

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  • Brilliant!!! I love this idea of using sticks for points!! For my novice kids I could see maybe giving them 10 potential sentence ideas to choose from that they could fill-in-the-blank for in order to make it easier for them to come up with their three sentences (with greater accuracy) and to keep any one kid from going too far out-of-bounds for the rest of the class. Thanks for sharing!! Your videos are always the most enjoyable to watch, in addition to being uber-enlightening. =)