Comprehensible input providers are always in need of great stories, and they’re especially engaging if the characters are people who the language learners know: my 1st hour students. 

I was absent on a Thursday, and my principal let me know that substitute teacher didn’t arrive on time. It wasn’t his fault, and his absence was noticed within 10 minutes, but it makes for a good story! 

I drew most of the needed vocabulary that I couldn’t act-out on the board, reminded the students of our new rejoinders, turned-on the camera, and we had some laughter and learning. 

  • Yes, the kids actually started working at Señ without prompting. 
  • Yes, my principals discovered the absence quickly, there are cameras in my classroom, my neighboring teacher is close, and all kids were safe. 
  • Yes, I purchased donuts for these amazing kids. 
  • Yes, I still pick my nose. 
  • Yes, you can purchase my pretty posters here. 🙂

Keep it comprehensible.
Keep it engaging.

See you soon!


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