Hey, Teachers!

This isn’t exactly a language teacher video, but I promise it will be worth your time, because your stress level at work directly correlates to your language teacher effectiveness.

About a year ago a colleague shared a brief with me that addressed the main causes of the teacher shortage and our high stress levels. I was impactful, and I think the public needs to hear why we are leaving the profession at such alarming rates.

Please share the YouTube video far and wide in hopes that we might improve teaching and learning in the U.S., and check out the issue brief here.

If you prefer the Facebook upload, here it is!

Happy teaching, friends!



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  • I believe that State Mandated High Stakes Standardized Testing would go away if all state legislators and state senators were required to take these same tests every year at a scheduled time with proctors. Then, they would be required to post their results on a public forum. Finally, if any of these elected officials “failed” the tests, their legislative or senatorial district would be put on a “failing” list where they would risk lowing funding if they were unable to bring their grades up. I have a feeling that such a request would be called a waste of time and money. Hmmm…

  • Hi Sarah,
    That last comment was from my 10 year old, 5th grade, daughter, Stella. I strongly concur on her thoughts.
    I am a stay at home mom who stumbled across your vlog by accident yesterday when I was looking up where Stella’s “Conflict Resolution Fortune Teller” came from. (I have to admit that I was snarkily trying to figure out how anyone could think that an origami paper square could really answer, let alone solve, anyone’s issues with bullying, conflict or general disgruntlement.) Long story short, I found the link to your video on Stretched Counselor, gained a bit of sympathy for said Stretched Counselor by reading why she was sharing such nonsense, and most importantly, through your video, gained a HUGE insight into what teachers are dealing with. And this is from a ostensibly educated person who had a former career as a copywriter working for clients like . . . the Massachusetts Teachers Assc. So you’d really think that I’d have more of a clue. Not!
    Anyway, after watching your video, which is so, so, so funny and informative, I talked about it with my daughters, who, after all, are seeing teachers everyday, and they not only wanted to sit through all of it, they laughed hysterically, wanted to replay “Can I paint my face on the wall with all my students around me . . . ” and then Stella wanted to write.
    We’re right now going through a Supt search in our school district and I’m going to share this with our School Board. I think it should be required viewing for all parents too.
    Well done. Simply brilliant. Thank you! Tonia Simon

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