Just for Laughs

When COVID-19 struck, I started recording home videos that have nothing to do with professional development. Most of them are too fast for beginners, so I would support using them as ClipChats/MovieTalks, as a challenge for advanced learners, or as a distraction for teachers who don’t want to fulfill their other obligations.

I don’t spend a lot of time making sure these videos are ‘error-free’. They’re fun, they’re a lot of word vomit, they’re me, and they’re an honest language learning journey for you all to see. If you only want your students to receive ‘perfect’ input, these vids prolly ain’t gunna do it for ya.

You can hit ‘Play’ above to binge-watch, or click here to select what interests you most from my YouTube playlist: ‘Funny‘-ish.

Hasta la próxima. 😉

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