Want to spend the day observing a comprehensible input-providing teacher?

Do you need a colleague to plan lessons, to create rubrics, and to discover the meaning of life with?

Are you a department of 1 who wants to join a PLC outside of your school?

Wanna get coffee in the target language?

We bring you The Great TCI Teacher Locator Map!



  • Perhaps you didn’t even realized that your friend from the iFLT/NTPRS/CI Facebook Group taught within 20 mins of you!
  • Maybe that cat lady with all of the great ideas from CI Liftoff is the department chair at your rival school!
  • How crazy would it be if your top retweeter was on the way to grandma’s house?
  • Have you ever wanted to meet your favorite teacher vlogger? 😉
  • Imagine if your bestie from CI conferences came to collaborate with you at your school. It happened to me!

Please use this map to learn, mentor, hang with peeps who speak your target language, grade papers, or form a rock band. 


  • They believe in compelling and engaging communication for SLA.
  • They communicate to exchange meaning in context.
  • They provide lots of CI via methods and activities like TPRS, PQA, TPR, circling, storytelling, reading, and acting.
  • They are more likely to teach with with unsheltered grammar.
  • They speak their target language most of the class.
  • They value content over structure.
  • They value people over practices.
  • They choose high frequency vocabulary first.
  • They’re likely a favorite teacher. 😉
  • They provide less ‘practice’ and worksheets, but more opportunities for communication and learning. 
  • They are great at Special Person Interviews; every kid deserves to be the star for a day!
  • They might be labeled as the teacher who just plays games, chases rabbits, or talks to kids about their lives instead of being super challenging.
  • Their Readings are super… Embedded…
  • They like to Calendar Talk, and Card Talk, and Weekend Talk, and Picture Talk, and Walk Talk, and Movie Talk, and Talk Talk, and even listen!
  • They probably get to read many books while on the clock.
  • Whenever they point… they pause…
  • They may share a lot more about themselves with their students than the common teacher thinks they should.
  • They might know that an OWI has nothing to do with alcohol.
  • They get a lot of steps every day. 
  • They’re super impressed with their students’ SLA. 
  • They encourage their students to shout at them, “How beautiful,” “I don’t believe you,” and “This isn’t fair!” #Rejoinders
  • They facilitate equity.
  • They work hard to create a safe learning environment for low affective filters.
  • They might visit yard sales in search of props.
  • They like to talk during movies.
  • They claim that grammar just… “pops up”???
  • They may not be as impressed with all of the techie requirements for teachers.
  • They aren’t afraid to establish meaning with English so we can get on with our lives. 

DISCLAIMER:  These teachers….

  • haven’t claimed to be CI providing experts. 
  • might teach using targeted or untargeted CI.
  • might still be madly in love with grammar.
  • don’t have Krashen/BVP tattoos. 
  • might still force output.
  • don’t carry proficiency-proving portfolios for each student.
  • haven’t organized a textbook burning.
  • probably don’t want to fight with you about teaching.

Thanks for stopping by! – Breckley.

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VanPatten, B. (2013). Mental representation and skill in instructed SLA. In J. Schwieter (Ed.), Innovations in SLA, bilingualism, and cognition: Research and practice (pp. 3–22). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 


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