Hola, Language Acquisition Facilitators!!!

In this video I share my Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) organization, funding, procedures, book selections, and more. Please see the lists below for some useful FVR-related links!

Lists of Readers by Level to Organize Your Library

Where to Purchase CI & TPRS Readers

Where to Download Free Readings 

Read More About the Benefits of Reading 

  • 81 Generalizations about Free Voluntary Reading by Stephen Krashen – Click  
  • Adding Ten Minutes of Reading time Dramatically Dhanges Levels of Print Exposure by M. J. Adams – Click 
  • Classrooms that Work: They Can All Read and Write by Patricia M. Cunningham & Richard L. Allington – Click
  • Creating Lifelong Readers Through Independent Reading by by Barbara Moss and Terrell A. Young – Click
  • Do Students Read During SSR? By Debra von Sprecken & Stephen Krashen – Click
  • Free Voluntary Reading by Stephen Krashen – Click
  • Free Voluntary Reading: New Research, Applications, and Controversies by Stephen Krashen – Click
  • I’ve Got Research. Yes, I Do. I’ve Got Research. How About You? by Donalyn Miller – Click
  • Reading in a Second Language by Diane NeubauerClick
  • Short- and Long-Term Effects of a Novel on Connectivity in the Brain by Gregory S. Berns, Kristina Blaine, Michael J. Prietula, and Brandon E. Pye – Click
  • The 6 Elements of Effective Reading Instruction by Richard L. Allington and Rachael E. Gabriel – Click
  • The SSR Handbook: How to Organize and Manage a Sustained Silent Reading Program by Janice L. Pilgreen – Click

Good luck with your Free Voluntary Reading, and don’t forget to add many many many comprehension-based readers to your libraries!

Happy reading!

Sarah 🙂

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