Well, hey there, Friends.

I usually share activities that can be a part of a lesson plan in a comprehensible classroom. However, none of these will do language learners any good if they can’t understand you.

Students need a whole lot of comprehensible input before you can expect any language creation, so it’s important to be especially clear when you communicate.

This is why we need to practice being comprehensible speakers. If you don’t think this is a craft that needs training, why are my husband and I always fighting about something I can’t even name until I realize we are having two completely unique and unrelated conversations??? I’m assuming it’s because HE needs to practice communicating comprehensibly, so I am sure there are teachers out there with similar issues…

That was a joke if you’re upset. No one will ever communicate with me better than Mr. Breckley does, and he has a real businessman job, so he must be smarter.

Anyway, checkout this comprehensible input fundamentals video if you’re new to communicating with kids about their legit interests instead of Juan’s pretend schedule on page 32, or even if you need a reminder to slow down your speech because you’ve been an expert at real conversations for so long.

So, basically I made this video for myself…

Happy teaching!


PS. You can purchase those beautiful word wall posters here. 😉


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