Mother’s Day is coming! As Mindshapers it is our duty to remind our students to quit buying lame gifts for their mothers, and to start trying a little harder. It isn’t the thought that counts!

This TPRS skit was used in a Spanish II class with some super fun kids! Our biology department also lent us some awesome preserved specimens: a sheep brain, a snake, a piglet with a midsagittal cut to see the fun parts, and a pup (a baby shark). Watch the video and feel free to use our story.



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    • Great question! I wrote categories like ‘things’ and ‘verbs’. The kids crated a list of words under each category before the story started to participate as the story happened. I also wrote other words they had never learned before: tienda, vendedora, le da, le dice, & tiene que. I’ll have to start taking pictures of the board from now on! 🙂

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