*Disclaimer: This video has nothing to do with language acquisition, but I know you need one more activity to do with your March Madness Spanish song winner. Let’s create this same video using your winner and let the Spanish students secretly dance behind the teachers!

It’s scary to ask your entire staff to be involved in a goofy project! We are all overworked, behind on grading, late to write a letter of recommendation, and missing a screw. However, school community and student connectedness has a huge impact on learning. So, if you can see your project bringing kids at teachers together, take the reins when you have an awesome idea.

In 2012 Ellen Degeneres called out to her followers with a special task: Film yourself dancing behind someone who has no clue. So, I proceeded to interview fun-loving students about the importance of learning a new language and the value of global citizenry. Although there were some pretty amazing reflections, they didn’t appear in the final product. Here is the finished video that lasts way too long for comfort.

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