Once upon a time, there were students who needed to move and teachers who needed to differentiate with new and exciting ways to provide comprehensible input.

Then, WalkTalk!

Watch the video above to see how we wandered the school in search of new and exciting things to chat about. The possibilities are endless, the engagement is limitless, and the language acquisition is on point!

Not sure what to talk about? Here are some ideas, and I’ll add more as time passes:

  • Learn the lunch line process
  • Thank a favorite teacher
  • Take a selfie with the custodian
  • Find an interesting locker
  • Play Eye-Spy with random junk in your Prof’s car
  • Describe the temperature/weather
  • Find some shapes in the clouds. 
  • Find something small and pretty
  • Location-based Special Person Interviews from Bryce Hedstrom
  • Connect players to their sport fields
  • Comment on everything we pass

I think you already have to have some solid classroom management to do this activity. Give the stragglers, or the kids who might not pay extreme attention, a job like door opener, passer-by greeter, picture taker, etc. This was my 30-second departure speech prior to the Walk Talk:

  • Half of you are going to take a 15-20 min walk around the school. The other half will be working silently in the library for about 15-20 mins on 1 of 3 options: (1,2,3). Then, we’ll switch.
  • We’re not going to speak any English.
  • We’re going to stay super close together.
  • This is a summative grade, anything you do that contradicts our community rules will affect your total points, and I will immediately send you back to the library.
  • If you see the evil eye, that’s not good.
  • Let us depart.

    Give WalkTalk a try, share your sweet WalkTalk ideas to grow our list, and let me know how it goes!

    New WalkTalk!
    Visiting tractors to celebrate National FFA Week!

    Happy WalkTalking!!!

    – Breckley


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