I learned about this activity many years ago from my college friend and one of the best Spanish teachers I know, Joanna Parrin. I’d love to give someone credit for creation, but I can’t find out who deserves it. Let me know if it’s you!

1. Give every students a small slip of paper with 5 sentences. Be sure that they have heard the vocabulary and structures many times before.
2. Create groups with about three students each.
3. Let the students know that they have 5 minutes, or whatever amount if time you want to give them, to perform a skit in front of the class.
4. Permit students to change the order of the sentences to allow for some freedom and creativity. In upper levels, give some partial sentences or leave some Mad Lib-style blanks for uniqueness.
5. When the time ends, send all of your students to the prop boxes. Don’t allow them to get distracted by the costumes before the time is over and their story is complete.
6. Film the craziness and try not to laugh over all of the footage. #SorryNotSorry

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