Negotiating meaning is exhausting! To maintain engagement and maximum effort, it might be necessary to facilitate brain breaks for your students.

I found this brain break, Arm Hockey, from an Inspired Proficiency episode with Ashley Uyaguari, and she found it at the Origins Program.

Here are the rules for Arm/Circle Hockey: Everyone stands in a circle with legs a little wider than shoulder width. Neighbors’ feet touch. You can count-off by 3s if you want to create teams, but I quit with the teams because it takes too long for a brain break. Students are allowed to use one arm (the hockey stick) to try to hit the ball between someone’s legs (the goals). The ball must be hit with an open hand, should not be stopped, and has to stay on the floor. I end the game after about 10 points and return to regular programming.

It’s that simple!

Thanks or watching, and I’ll see you next time!


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