Button, Button is a fun brain break when students need some CI rest, or it can be a grammar practice game. I don’t know your department curriculum requirements, so I wrote a few notes with both perspectives ‘cuz I aim to please!

The Game:

1. Students sit or stand in a circle, and they have to be awkwardly close for this to work. Everyone must keep their arms behind them, even if they aren’t passing anything.

2. If you need winners and losers, count-off the students “1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3…”  to divide the class into 3 teams.

3. If this is a true brain break, don’t worry about the grammar at all! If you need to practice direct object pronouns, show a random item to pass and name its DOP. Use a different object each round to practice them all (lo/la/los/las).

4. One member from team #1 sits in the middle and closes their eyes for 5 seconds to start the object in a new location. This is a super intimidating position, so don’t force anyone to be in the middle.

5. The object must always be in motion, even if the center player is looking right at the person passing the object.

6. The center person has 3 chances to guess who has the object in order to win a point for their team, or in order get a high-five. 🙂

7. To the object’s location the center student must say a student’s name in order to freeze the moving item. If the selected student has the object, he may not immediately pass it. He must confess he has it after the center student asks the “Tú lo/la/los tienes?” question. “No/Si lo tengo.”

8. After 3 guesses, write a point for team #1 or don’t, and allow a team #2 member to enter the circle.

Cynthia Hitz also shared this brain break on her blog, Teaching Spanish w/Comprehensible Input. Read her perspective, and try not to spend a few hours perusing the rest of her incredible blog!

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