Robarte un Beso, by Carlos Vives & Sebastian Yatra, won many of our March Madness Music brackets, and we can’t let these teen picks go to waste! If student choice matters, see the list of music fun that I compiled below for more ways to use your favorite songs.

In this video we can see my students ordering the Robarte un Beso lyrics, singing along, and sometimes laughing without focus. Oh, well! Here is the PDF document for this song: Robarte Un Beso Lyric Ordering

Also, here is my favorite Baile Viernes for Robarte un Beso. It’s one of the most simple I could find, which minimizes frustration for my students… and Profe. Breckley.

Here is a list of more music activities:

  • Retell the events in the song via running dictation
  • Create a March Madness bracket
  • Provide musical accompaniment with culturally connected instruments
  • Find the mistakes in the song that don’t match the printed lyrics
  • Order events using a cut-up comic strip
  • Teacher facilitates PQA with the song
  • Retell the song with a skit
  • Break up the sentences to analyze
  • Rap it
  • Write poetry using the connected themes
  • Film a lip dub
  • Recreate the song or album artwork
  • Create a book from the song for your FVR library
  • Play 2 Truths & 1 Lie to prove comprehension
  • Investigate the artists and musicians
  • Create some choreography or a class dance
  • Write the next verse or rewrite the lyrics
  • Sing along
  • Prepare a MovieTalk with the music video
  • Use a song to create a vocabulary list
  • Role playing
  • Use it as the background song for musical chairs
  • Use the song on the runway for a school fashion show
  • Perform karaoke
  • Use the artist and the music to connect to a cultural theme
  • Tweet the artist
  • Film the music video
  • Guess the secret title
  • Classic gap-fill/Cloze
  • Express how the music makes us feel using abstract art
  • Direct translation


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