These senior girls and and I became very close after four years together, and their senior year we produced this lip dub of Alvaro Soler’s ‘El Mismo Sol’.

  • We completed a March Madness bracket to select the song.
  • I created a Google Document so that we could collaborate. It looked kind of like the document below.
  • Students selected their lyrics, moves, and props.
  • We asked the bus barn to leave us a bus for 2 block periods.
  • I filmed, edited the footage using Final Cut Pro, and we shared the video for the school during lunches in the commons on the big screen.
  • The girls were super proud, and we have a fun memory of our time together that will last a lifetime!

Are you looking for new ideas to use your target language music, besides our classic Cloze?

  • Retell the events in the song via running dictation
  • Create a March Madness bracket
  • Provide musical accompaniment with culturally connected instruments
  • Find the mistakes in the song that don’t match the printed lyrics
  • Order events using a cut-up comic strip
  • Teacher facilitates PQA with the song
  • Print, cut, and mix up the lyrics for ordering 
  • Retell the song with a skit
  • Break up the sentences to analyze
  • Rap it
  • Write poetry using the connected themes
  • Film a lip dub
  • Recreate the song or album artwork
  • Create a book from the song for your FVR library
  • Play 2 Truths & 1 Lie to prove comprehension
  • Investigate the artists and musicians
  • Create some choreography or a class dance
  • Write the next verse or rewrite the lyrics
  • Sing along
  • Prepare a MovieTalk with the music video
  • Use a song to create a vocabulary list
  • Role playing
  • Use it as the background song for musical chairs
  • Use the song on the runway for a school fashion show
  • Perform karaoke
  • Use the artist and the music to connect to a cultural theme
  • Tweet the artist
  • Film the music video
  • Guess the secret title
  • Classic gap-fill/Cloze
  • Express how the music makes us feel using abstract art
  • Direct translation


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