We had an auction in class this week!

  • Last week I wandered around my house and gathered a bunch of weird junk. When you start to gather trinkets, remember that you aren’t getting anything back. They have to be able to keep these things for the auction to maintain interest! 
  • Try to include some cultural items, like these, these or these!
  • Maybe you’ll want to ask your students to bring some surprises. It might get interesting!
  • I pretaught some vocabulary before the action.
  • Each student received 125 euros. It’s only illegal to photocopy USD, right?
  • Some items were paraded around the room to entice buyers, and others were kept secret until the last bid was made.
  • I spoke way to fast, but it was appropriate for the event.  

Have fun with it, and remember that every comprehensible moment is valuable!


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