This is a fun activity that can take as little or as much time as you want it to. Students will grab a cup and move the words around in order to find meaning.

How could you use this?

After sentences are constructed, students can put them in chronological order to:  

  • retell a story you have been reading.
  • remember a past Persona Especial.
  • retell a cultural event.
  • review a previous One Word Image event.

Students could also use the sentences to:

  • create their own story using the language you have provided.
  • perform a skit.
  • draw a picture to prove understanding.
  • to create a comic.

Technical stuff:

1. Create some target language sentences. Each sentence should be typed in a different font or printed on different colored paper. You think those tiny pieces of paper won’t get mixed-up? COME oooooooon.
2. Cut-up sentences and place them in numbered cups.
3. Give each pair of students a sheet of paper with the same number of lines as cups/sentences. “Los números de los vasos corresponden a las líneas en los papeles. ¡Miren! ¿Ven?”
4. Students grab a cup, order the words for meaning, ask questions if needed, write the sentences on their papers, and get a new cup when they finish.
5. The teacher may add extra words that aren’t needed for a challenge, but life is already really hard.


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