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The target language reading activity explained in the video above is called ‘The Last Word’. It’s super fun, distracts from the fact that you are making them play with the same story for the 857th time, and is super fun, ;).

How To:

  • Select a target language story. The story could have been created together with TPRS, a synopsis of a Special Person Interview, lyrics from a Señor Wooly song, an OWI story, a storytelling challenge, a cultural reading from El Mundo en Tus Manos, or even a MovieTalk recap. It should be a story that the students already know fairly well. This means you either created it together, or you have already used it for other learning experiences. Here are some ideas if they need some more repetition first. 
  • Project, hang, or print the short story so that students can see it.
  • Create groups of about 3.
  • Organize the students so that only one can see the story.
  • The student who can see the story selects a random sentence from the story and reads it slowly aloud. If they read at a normal speed, it doesn’t work. 
  • The students who cannot see the story repeat everything they hear as soon as it’s spoken, but they try finish the sentence before the reader does.
  • The first to finish the sentence wins. 

Thanks for watching, Amigos!


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