The Activity!

Last Friday I asked students to bring random items to school on Monday, and to drop them in a box upon entering the classroom. There were some super interesting finds, and also some last-minute contributions. I described the objects using language I thought they could easily understand, but some of the items really stumped me! I was impressed by their comprehension and enthusiasm.

Changes for next time?

As usual, I need to slooooooooow down my incomprehensible output. I’m a work in progress! Also, the next time I do this activity I think I’ll say everything I want to say, and then create a time barrier to allow my slow processors to think. Hopefully this will create more comprehension and participation equality. Lastly, this activity would be an awesome way to share more cultural products. I can’t wait to try it again!


Tell me something!

  • Great stuff. I think I am going to show this video to my 6th graders and then play on Friday. A number of them are already obssessed with you for being Feona. One of them even spotted you in Amnesia yesterday! I think they will like the game even more since it comes from you!

    • AHHHH! Why didn’t I ever think of that? If we use past recordings as a model, we wont have to use English when modeling. Thanks so much! Good luck and tell me how it goes!

  • Love their enthusiasm (and yours!)! Do you have a class set of small dry erase boards? For slow processors (and less outgoing students) you could try having the students all write down their guesses simultaneously as they listen to your clues. Faster students could even add their guess about the owner. Would make the activity less dynamic – but also provide a low stakes comprehension check for the whole group.

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