Hey, Friends!

Some of us are on Coronacation, and others have started our new careers as online teachers. How’s THAT going for you?

I have to admit that I’m not super proud of my online lessons, but I’m trying my darnedest, and I’m super lucky to still be interacting with my students.

On another positive note, I’ve had more time for my teacher hobby – making Spanish videos. These videos are a lot different from what has always been on the vlog. I’m usually sharing classroom stories, new activities, and professional development ideas. Since there’s not a whole lot of the typical happening, I’ve started creating more personal and fun videos. Here’s the lowdown:

  • They’re not the most linguistically-comprehensible videos. They aren’t full of…
    • comprehension checks.
    • slow speech.
    • pop-up grammar.
    • pantomime.
    • illustrations.
    • props.
    • circling.
  • They do…
    • contain lots of language that my advanced students can understand.
    • work great as ClipChats/MovieTalks for your own students at their levels using your own language.
    • provide more entertainment than my typical CI stories do, so students are watching them over and over again.
    • give my students something to talk about on their Flipgrid assignments and during our videoconferences.
    • put smiles on the faces of language teachers.
    • make people who see the videos online wish they were bilingual. 😉

Just like FVR, I want students to be able to select input that meets their comprehension levels. So, every virtual week I’ve been providing a variety of videos at lots of proficiency levels to my students. My videos are just one of their options for or weekly discussions. I don’t expect them to understand every word, and there are no tests!

You can watch all the latest videos here!

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  • @SarahBreckley you are doing an amazing job with this content. I watched the videos and I couldn’t stop smiling. I am sure your kids are just as entertained and intrigued. Thank you.

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