Why are MovieTalks so great? Because you can stay in the target language, there is a sense of excitement that always comes with storytelling, students love to participate, and teachers are providing comprehensible input!

Checkout this example of a MoveTalk I did recently using this Morton Salt video, “Neighbors”

Hastings, A. 1995. The FOCAL SKILLS Approach: An Assessment. In F. Eckman et al., Second Language Acquisition: Theory and Pedagogy. Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 29-43.


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    • Mandy! The week before this activity I taught/we chatted about the weather in our favorite vacation spots. So, that wasn’t immediately before this activity, but it still needed repetition. During this video is we see the first time they learn the words for the seasons. There are many more words that I don’t plan on teaching and didn’t pre-teach that just came out spontaneously, so I made hand motions to give meaning. You have really good questions… that make me think real hard…